William Shaw  Fine Leather Crafts

I live in San Francisco, where I make handcrafted leather items.  I first started doing leather work when my father bought me a few tools at a yard sale when I was 12 years old; growing up in a cattle ranching town in Arizona. I learned to use them as I obtained my Boy Scout leather working merit badge.  During college, I had fun making things in the Society for Creative Anachronism (a medieval reenactment group), such as sword sheaths, leather amour and leather shields.

Today, my work shop is in my home.  Here, while listening to Celtic music (perhaps puffing a favorite pipe or sipping a fine single malt Scotch if it is later in the evening) I create things of beauty from leather.  I am largely self-taught.  Most of what I create is done by tooling the leather using special knives to carve in the design, followed by tapping with special tools to create the desired appearance and effects.

I make belts, whiskey flasks, wallets and purses, as well as many specialty items such as kilt belts, various belt pouches, kilt sporrans, Scottish targes (leather shields emblazoned with Scottish clan or other Celtic designs) and sheaths for knives and swords.  Most of my designs follow Celtic patterns, mythical dragons, American icons or Southwestern images.

Recently, I have also added a line of Steampunk paraphernalia, such as leather goggles, belts, pouches, hats, caps and other items.

Please, check out what I have for sale here, on eBay and on Etsy.